2012-2013 Alvah Alley/Belle Glade Trip Results Posted

Trip results for the Alvah Alley/Belle Glade trip has been posted.

The Crested Caracara was voted the “Bird of the Trip” This was a life bird for CBC member Sheila Kleiman, and boy was she excited.

Photo by Gail Campbell

2012-2013 Alvah’s Alley/LaBelle area/Hendry County

November 12, 2012
24 Members
8 Guests
Temperature 68-72; Cloudy with occasional winds
70 Species
Mottled DuckRuby-throated Hummingbird
Blue-winged TealBelted Kingfisher
Northern PintailRed-headed Woodpecker
Wild TurkeyRed-bellied Woodpecker
Wood StorkDowny Woodpecker
Double-crested CormorantEastern Phoebe
AnhingaGreat Crested Flycatcher
Great Blue HeronLoggerhead Shrike
Great EgretWhite-eyed Vireo
Snowy EgretBlue Jay
Little Blue HeronFlorida Scrub Jay
Tricolored HeronAmerican Crow
Cattle EgretFish Crow
Green HeronTree Swallow
Black-crowned Night-HeronNorthern Rough-winged Swallow
White IbisBarn Swallow
Glossy IbisCarolina Wren
Roseate SpoonbillHouse Wren
Black VultureBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Turkey VultureAmerican Robin
Northern HarrierGray Catbird
Red-shouldered HawkNorthern Mockingbird
Red-tailed HawkEuropean Starling
*CRESTED CARACARA*Common Yellowthroat
American KestrelYellow-throated Warbler
Peregrine FalconPalm Warbler
Common GallinulePine Warbler
American CootYellow-rumped Warbler
Sandhill CraneNorthern Cardinal
KilldeetRed-winged Blackbird
Wilson's SnipeEastern Meadowlark
Eurasian Collared-DoveCommon Grackle
White-winged DoveBoat Tailed Grackle
Mourning DoveHouse Sparrow
Common Ground-Dove
Crested Caracara is the
"Bird of the Trip".
Life bird for CBC member
Sheila Kleiman


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