2012-2013 Christmas Bird Count Results

Results from the December 17th, 2012 Christmas Bird Count have been posted.

2012-2013 Christmas Bird Count

Results from the 113th Christmas Bird Count held on December 17, 2012 in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral/Pine Island area.
123 species were counted and a total of 17,326 birds were seen.
Anhinga Grackle, CommonSandpiper, Spotted
Blackbird, Red-wingedGrebe, HornedSandpiper, Western
Bunting, PaintedGrebe, Pied-billed Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied
Cardinal, NorthernGull, LaughingShrike, Loggerhead
Catbird, GrayGull, Lesser Black-backed Skimmer, Black
Cormorant, Double-crestedGull, Ring-billedSnipe, Wilson's
Coot, AmericanHawk, Cooper'sSparrow, House
Cowbird, Brown-headedHawk, Red-shoulderedSparrow, Swamp
Crow, AmericanHawk, Red-tailedSpoonbill, Roseate
Crow, FishHawk, Sharp-shinnedStarling, European
Curlew, Long-billedHeron, Black-crownedStork, Wood
Dove, Common GroundHeron, Great BlueSwallow, Tree
Dove, Eurasian CollaredHeron, GreenTern, Caspian
Dove, MourningHeron, Little BlueTern, Forster's
Dove, RockHeron, TricolorTern, Royal
Dove, White-wingedHeron, Yellow-crowned Night Thrasher, Brown
Dowitcher, Short-billedHummingbird, Ruby-throatedTowhee, Eastern
Duck, Blue-winged TealIbis, GlossyTurnstone, Ruddy
Duck, Hooded MerganserIbis, WhiteVireo, Blue-headed
Duck, Lesser ScaupJay, BlueVireo, White-eyed
Duck, MallardKestrel, AmericanVulture, Black
Duck, MottledKilldeerVulture, Turkey
Duck, MuscovyKingfisher, BeltedWarbler, Common Yellowthroat
Duck, Northern ShovelerLoon, CommonWarbler, Orange-crowned
Duck, Red-breasted MerganserMockingbird, NorthernWarbler, Palm
Duck, Ring-neckedMoorhen, CommonWarbler, Pine
DunlinOspreyWarbler, Prairie
Eagle, BaldOwl, Burrowing Warbler, Yellow-rumped
Eagle, Bald (immature)Owl, Great HornedWarbler, Yellow-throated
Egret, CattleParakeet, MonkWillet
Egret, GreatPelican, American WhiteWoodpecker, Downy
Egret, ReddishPelican, BrownWoodpecker, Pileated
Egret, SnowyPhoebe, EasternWoodpecker, Red-bellied
Finch, HousePlover, Black-belliedWren, Carolina
Flicker, NorthernPlover, PipingWren, House
Flycatcher, Great crestedPlover, SemipalmatedYellowlegs, Greater
Frigatebird, MagnificentPlover, Wilson'sYellowlegs, Lesser
Gnatcatcher, Blue-grayRail, King
Godwit, MarbledSanderlingUnusual Sightings
Goldfinch, AmericanSandpiper, LeastRazorbill
Grackle, Boat-tailedScoter, Black
Hawk, Short-tailed, dark morph
2012 Christmas Bird CountPictured :
Is Cloak
Joanne McIntyre
Sue Moore
Sheila Kleiman

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