2013-2013 Picayune Strand Trip Results Posted

Trip results from the 2/3/14 trip to Picayune Strand has been posted. The trip bird was the Grasshopper Sparrow.

2013-2014 Picayune Strand

February 14, 2014
Members: 23
Guests: 3
Species: 51
Trip Bird: Grasshopper Sparrow
Wild TurkeyWhite-eyed Vireo
Pied-billed GrebeBlue-headed Vireo
Wood StorkBlue Jay
Double-crested CormorantAmerican Crow
Great Blue HeronTree Swallow
Great EgretTufted Titmouse
Little Blue HeronCarolina Wren
White IbisHouse Wren
Black VultureBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Turkey VultureRuby-crowned Kinglet
OspreyAmerican Robin
Bald EagleGray Catbird
Red-shouldered HawkNorthern Mockingbird
American KestrelCedar Waxwing
Mourning DoveBlack-and-white Warbler
Common Ground-DoveOrange-crowned Warbler
Belted KingfisherCommon Yellowthroat
Red-headed WoodpeckerPalm Warbler
Red-bellied WoodpeckerPine Warbler
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerYellow-rumped Warbler
Downy WoodpeckerChipping Sparrow
Northern FlickerSavannah Sparrow
Pileated WoodpeckerGrasshopper Sparrow
Eastern PhoebeNorthern Cardinal
Great Crested FlycatcherCommon Grackle
Loggerhead Shrike

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