2013-2014 Trip to Circle B Bar/Bartow Has Been Posted

The February 10th trip to the Circle B Bar Ranch and Bartow area has been posted.

The trip bird was the Sora.

2013-2104 Circle B Bar/Bartow

February 10, 2014
Species: 72
Trip bird: Sora
Black-bellied Whistling-DuckLaughing Gull
Fulvous Whistling-DuckRing-billed Gull
Mottled DuckCaspian Tern
Blue-winged TealForster's Tern
Green-winged TealMourning Dove
Ring-necked DuckBelted Kingfisher
Red-throated LoonRed-bellied Woodpecker
Pied-billed GrebeYellow-bellied Sapsucker
Wood StorkDowny Woodpecker
Double-crested CormorantPileated Woodpecker
AnhingaEastern Phoebe
American White PelicanWhite-eyed Vireo
Great Blue HeronBlue-headed Vireo
Great EgretBlue Jay
Snowy EgretFish Crow
Little Blue HeronTree Swallow
Tricolored HeronTufted Titmouse
Cattle EgretCarolina Wren
Green HeronHouse Wren
White IbisMarsh Wren
Roseate SpoonbillBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Black VultureRuby-crowned Kinglet
Turkey VultureAmerican Robin
OspreyGray Catbird
Bald EagleNorthern Mockingbird
Sharp-shinned HawkYellow-Throated Warbler
Red-shouldered HawkCommon Yellowthroat
SoraPalm Warbler
Purple GallinuleYellow-rumped Warbler
Common GallinulePrairie Warbler
American CootEastern Towhee
LimpkinSwamp Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
Sandhill CraneNorthern Cardinal
KilldeerRed-winged Blackbird
Greater YellowlegsCommon Grackle
Lesser YellowlegsBoat-tailed Grackle

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