2013-2014 Trip #2 to Babcock Webb W.M.A

The results of the second trip out to Babcock Webb W.M.A has been posted.

Trip bird was the Brown-headed Nuthatch

2013-2014 Trip # 2 Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area

March 27, 2014
Members: 11
Guests: 1
Species: 56
Trip Bird: Brown-headed Nuthatch
Northern BobwhiteRed-bellied Woodpecker
Double-crested CormorantDowny Woodpecker
AnhingaRed-cockaded Woodpecker
American White PelicanNorthern Flicker
Least BitternGreat Crested Flycatcher
Great Blue HeronBlue Jay
Great EgretFish Crow
Snowy EgretPurple Martin
Little Blue HeronTree Swallow
Tricolored HeronBrown-headed Nuthatch
Green HeronCarolina Wren
Black-crowned Night-HeronHouse Wren
White IbisEastern Bluebird
Black VultureGray Catbird
Turkey VultureNorthern Mockingbird
OspreyBrown Thrasher
Bald Eagle Yellow-Throated Warbler
SoraCommon Yellowthroat
Common GallinulePalm Warbler
American CootPine Warbler
Sandhill CraneYellow-rumped Warbler
KilldeerEastern Towhee
Wilson's SnipeSwamp Sparrow
Eurasian Collared-DoveNorthern Cardinal
Mourning DoveRed-winged Blackbird
Common Ground-DoveEastern Meadowlark
Chuck-will's-widowCommon Grackle
Belted KingfisherBoat-tailed Grackle

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