2013-2014 Trip # 3 to STA-5

The March 8th trip to STA-5 has been posted.  The trip bird was the Snail Kite.

2013-2014 Trip to STA-5 Trip #4

April 12, 2014
Members: 17
Guest: 3
Species: 81
Trip Bird: Snail Kite
Fulvous Whistling-DuckKilldeer
Mottled DuckBlack-necked Stilt
Blue-winged TealAmerican Avocet
Northern ShovelerGreater Yellowlegs
Ring-necked DuckLesser Yellowlegs
Wild TurkeyLeast Sandpiper
Pied-billed GrebeStilt Sandpiper
Wood Stork
Long-billed Dowitcher
Double-crested CormorantWilson's Snipe
AnhingaCaspian Tern
American White PelicanForster's Tern
American BitternBlack Skimmer
Least BitternEurasian Collared-Dove
Great Blue HeronMourning Dove
Great EgretCommon Ground-Dove
Snowy EgretCommon Nighthawk
Little Blue HeronBelted Kingfisher
Tricolored HeronRed-bellied Woodpecker
Cattle EgretPileated Woodpecker
Green HeronGreat Crested Flycatcher
Black-crowned Night-HeronWestern Kingbird
White IbisEastern Kingbird
Glossy IbisScissor-tailed Flycatcher
Roseate SpoonbillLoggerhead Shrike
Black VultureBlue Jay
Turkey VultureAmerican Crow
OspreyTree Swallow
Swallow-tailed KiteBank Swallow
Snail KiteBarn Swallow
Bald EagleGray Catbird
Northern HarrierNorthern Mockingbird
Red-shouldered HawkEuropean Starling
Crested CaracaraCommon Yellowthroat
American KestrelPalm Warbler
Peregrine FalconSavannah Sparrow
Purple SwamphenNorthern Cardinal
Purple GallinuleRed-winged Blackbird
Common GallinuleEastern Meadowlark
American CootCommon Grackle
LimpkinBoat-tailed Grackle
Sandhill Crane

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