2013-2014 Fort DeSoto Trip Has Been Posted

The April 14, 2014  trip to Fort Desoto results are posted.  The trip Bird: Black-Whiskered Vireo.

2013-2014 Trip to Fort DeSoto/Sarasota area

April 14, 2014
Members :21
Guests: 2
Species: 105
Trip Bird: Black-Whiskered Vireo
Mottled DuckWestern Sandpiper
House Wren
Red-breasted MerganserLeast SandpiperBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Magnificent FrigatebirdDunlinSwainson's Thrush
Double-crested CormorantShort-billed DowitcherGray Catbird
AnhingaLaughing Gull
Northern Mockingbird
American White PelicanRing-billed GullEuropean Starling
Brown PelicanHerring GullCedar Waxwing
Great Blue HeronLeast TernWorm-eating Warbler
Great EgretForster's TernLouisiana Waterthrush
Snowy EgretRoyal TernBlack-and-white Warbler
Little Blue HeronSandwich TernProthonotary Warbler
Tricolored HeronBlack SkimmerYellow-Throated Warbler
Reddish EgretRock PigeonKentucky Warbler
Cattle EgretEurasian Collared-DoveCommon Yellowthroat
Green HeronMourning DoveHooded Warbler
White IbisCommon Ground-DoveAmerican Redstart
Glossy IbisNanday ParakeetCape May Warbler
Roseate SpoonbillBarred OwlCerulean Warbler
Black VultureCommon NighthawkNorthern Parula
Turkey VultureChimney SwiftBlack-throated Blue Warbler
OspreyRuby-throated HummingbirdPalm Warbler
Bald EagleRed-bellied Woodpecker
Prairie Warbler
Red-shouldered HawkDowny WoodpeckerSummer Tanager
Common GallinulePileated WoodpeckerScarlet Tanager
Sandhill CraneGreat Crested FlycatcherNorthern Cardinal
Black-bellied PloverGray KingbirdRose-breasted Grosbeak
Wilson's PloverLoggerhead ShrikeBlue Grosbeak
Semipalmated PloverWhite-eyed VireoIndigo Bunting
Piping PloverYellow-throated VireoRed-winged Blackbird
American OystercatcherBlack-whiskered VireoCommon Grackle
WilletBlue JayBoat-tailed Grackle
Marbled GodwitFish CrowBrown-headed Cowbird
Ruddy TurnstonePurple MartinOrchard Oriole
Red KnotTufted TitmouseBaltimore Oriole
SanderlingCarolina WrenHouse Sparrow

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