Team Hodgson Rocks!

During the tallying of the birds after the Christmas Bird Count, some questioned the reporting of 10,000 tree swallows by Team Hodgson.  Fortunately  a photo was taken of the swallows, and Ken was out to prove his report.  He made a grid for a 5 x 7 picture and then counted the grids which totaled 35. He then counted the birds and got a figure of 1388 on one picture.  Ken took 1 photo of 1 single sky shot but figured there had to be 6-8 times more birds in the sky than the picture showed.  So…..

6 X 1388 = 8328 birds in total

8 X 1388= 11,104 birds in total

So team Hodgson figures their estimate of 10,000 was pretty darn close!

Great job guys, you ROCK!

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