Dear CBC,
Important date change: I recently found out that Wakodahatchee Wetlands, an important part of our Green Cay Bus Trip, will be closed on Mar. 6, through that week. They are installing a new security gate. They were apologetic and sorry we had a trip planned there.
I checked with the bus charter and Mar. 13 did not work for them, and knowing how these work projects go , although the people at the wetlands said it would only be closed for a week, I decided not to risk it and get there on the 13th only to find they had delays on their project!
Therefore I have rescheduled the bus and the Log Cabin BBQ for Sunday, Mar. 5. I really hope this doesn’t affect anyone from going. I realize some of you have church obligations and again hope you can skip a Sunday to go on this great trip.
This was totally out of my hands. Also, if we went on the 13th, Daylight Savings time changes on the 12th., keeping us in the dark longer than we want. I know that some people complained about that years ago.
For those taking guests , you must inform them ASAP. I will try to do the same.


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