2019-2020 CBC Meeting And Trip schedule

2019-2020 CBC Meeting and Trip Schedule

All trips begin at 7:30 unless otherwise noted Most trips will necessitate bringing a bag lunch, snacks and something to drink. Almost all of these locations can be found on ebird hotspots with directions. We will discuss all of this at CBC meetings and make any necessary changes.
Nov. 48.00 a.m. (sunrise for Oil Well Rd)Bird Rookery /Oil Well Road/Duck PondsDirections and trip informationP. Erickson
K. Hodgson
A. Sissman
Nov. 101:00 p.m.CBC Meeting and Potluck LuncheonPotluck Luncheon
Bring something to share and your own plate and utensils. Directions
Nov. 11Oil Well at sunrise and 8:00 a.m. for CorkscrewCorkscrew Swamp /Oil Well RdDirections to Tomato Field Pond.R. Mears
A. Sissman
Nov. 187:30 a.m.Spirit of the WildGo north on 29 from the 82, 29 intersection and go right on Keri Rd or 832 to the Spirit of the Wild sign and entrance on the left. Lunch location TBD (Google Map).D. Morrison
Nov. 238:15 a.m. at the entrance gateSTA-5 #1New directions to STA-5K. Hodgson
S. Damon
Nov. 257:30 a.m. low tide at 6:00 a.m.Bunche Beach and Lakes ParkDirections To Bunche Beach and Lakes ParkT. Olkowski
M. Dunford
Dec. 27:30 a.m.Punta GordaPublix on 41 and Del Prado Blvd. in N. Ft. Myers (17960 N. Tamiami Trail) (Google Map)E. Rumberger
Dec. 82:00 p.m.CBC meeting Wa-Ke Hatchee
Dec. 97:30 a.mWild Turkey Strand Go east on 82 from downtown or from 75, follow 82 to Rod and Gun Club road and go right to location on the right, lunch location TBD (Google Map).R. Parks
B. Kronisch
Dec. 148:15 a.m.STA 5 #2See above on Nov. 23
Dec. 16Christmas Bird CountDetails at the Dec. meeting
Dec. 237:30 a.m6-mile Cypress NorthThis is on Luckett Rd. east of 75 but you have to take another exit to backtrack to Luckett Rd which does not go through from 75. I suggest using hotspots and follow those directions (Google Map).V. McGrath
Dec. 307:30 a.m.Dinner Island RanchGoogle Map.J. Ferris
J. Ferris
Jan. 6Marsh Trail and Big Cypress BendDirections to Marsh Trail/Kirby StorterE. Rumberger
Jan. 118:15 a.m.STA 5 #3See above on Nov. 23
Jan. 122:00 p.m.CBC meeting Wa-Ke Hatchee
Jan. 137:30 a.m.Harns Marsh / Veterans Park; Directions to Harns MarshS. Damon
K. Hodgson
Jan. 19-21Merritt Island & Orlando Wetlands - will be discussed at CBC meetingK. Hodgson
Jan. 277:30 a.m.Celery Fields and Myakka ParkInformation and DirectionsM. Yorkston
F. Yorkston
Feb. 37:30 a.m.Pine Island #1; DirectionsK. Hodgson
M. Adams
Feb. 67:30 a.m.Pine Island #2See Feb. 3K. Hodgson
M. Adams
Feb. 92:00 p.m.CBC meeting Wa-Ke Hatchee
Feb. 107:30 a.m.Ding DarlingMeet in the left hand parking lot of the Visitor Center (Google Map); lunch at a place TBD; carpooling essential; fees for crossing the bridge and $5.00 entrance fee; senior pass acceptedE. Swank
F. Paulson
Feb. 158:15 a.m.STA 5 #4See above on Nov. 23
Feb. 177:30 a.m.NW Cape Coral;Boots are recommended for this trip.
E. Elms
J. Harvey
Feb. 22-24Gainesville (Sweetwater Wetlands Park; La Chua trail in Paynes Prairie Preserve) and BartowWill be discussed at a club meeting. It is my plan to start in Gainesville on Saturday afternoon at the Wetlands Park, do the trail Sunday morning and be in Bartow Sunday Night for our usual Bartow trip.R. Parks
T. Sutton
Mar. 26:00 a.m.Green Cay Bus TripMeet at Cypress Trace Shopping Center located on the corner of US 41/Tamiami Trail and Cypress Lake Drive (Google Map). (Across from Costco) NO LATER THAN 5:45. THE BUS LEAVES AT 6:00 AM. SHARP! Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks. Do not be late and hold up the bus. We should be back by 9:00 pm. K. Hodgson
Mar. 81:00 p.m.; CBC meeting Wa-Ke Hatchee; Pot Luck luncheon; bring something to share and your own utensils and plate and non-alcoholic beverage
Mar. 97:00 a.m.Babcock Web #1Directions and MapsR. Parks
B. Kronisch
K. Hodgson
Mar. 127:00 a.m.Babcock Web #2See Mar. 9
Mar. 142:00 p.m.STA 5 #5See above on Nov. 23
Mar. 167:30 a.m.6-mile Cypress Preserve #1 Directions and MapM. Schafer
S. Beaudoin
Mar. 197:30 a.m.6-mile Cypress Preserve #2; Directions and MapM. Schafer
S. Beaudoin
Mar. 23low tide 7:00 a.m.Bunche BeachDirections To Bunche Beach and Lakes ParkT. Olkowski
M. Dunford
Mar. 307:30 a.m.Eagle Lakes and Freedom Park
US 41 just NW of Collier Blvd (Google Map).
Apr. 51:00 p.m.CBC meeting and Pizza Party
Apr. 67:30 a.m.Alva and Whites feedersDirections and MapS. Damon
K. Hodgson
April 137:30 a.m.DeSoto ParkFor directions click [Here]V. McGrath
K. Hodgson