Directions: Babcock Webb W.M.A

Babcock Webb WMA supports significant populations of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Bachman’s Sparrows, and other flatwoods species.

We will meet at the entrance parking area (where Webb Lake begins) at 7:00 am to group up for carpooling (Google Map).

Directions:  I-75 exit 158 to Tucker Grade.  Turn east on Tucker Grade and travel approximately 1/4 mile.


Quiet will be important throughout this trip, so please no slamming of car doors and speak with hushed voices.  Bring picnic lunch to enjoy as we compile the day’s list of birds seen.

Note:  Carpool with Licensed Florida Resident Senior Driver (65 or over) to avoid fee ($3 per person or $6 per car).Reminders: Bring sunscreen, water, lunch/snacks.