Florida Birding Discussion Groups/Listservs

Florida Birding Discussion Groups/Listservs

To keep up with the most recent information regarding birds and birding in our area and the rest of the state, it is necessary to subscribe to the various birding discussion groups. One may opt to receive/send individual e-mails to the group, or receive e-mails in ‘digest’ form (several day’s worth of e-mails at one time) or elect to view these messages through your web browser (via the internet) instead of receiving e-mails in your mailbox.

These discussion groups follow. Click on the hyperlink to go to their respective websites to join.

their respective websites to join.

Florida Rare Bird Alert (FLRBA)

This is the birding listserv for rare birds sighted in Florida.  To join this list click on “Join or leave the list”, and fill in required information.

Bird Brain (BRDBRAIN)

This is the birding discussion group for Central Florida. The owner is Lyn Atherton. To contact this discussion group, contact Margie Wilkinson or Lyn Atherton.

Florida Birds (FLORIDABIRDS-L)

This is the birding listserv for the entire state of Florida. The owner is Barbara Passmore. Email: bkpass@bellsouth.net

FlaBirding (Florida and Bahamas Birding)

This “relaxed” list is about birding in Florida and the Bahamas and all related topics. The new list owner is Chris Newton.

North Florida Birds (NFLBIRDS)

This is the birding discussion group for North Florida. The list owner can be reached at: nflbirds-owner@yahoogroups.com
Tropical Audubon Society’s Miami Bird Box

National Birding Listservs: BIRDCHAT

— You may read daily posts/messages on-line by going to Jack Siler’s website http://www.birdingonthe.net/ Once on that page, click on the link “Regional/Specialty” under “Mailing Lists”. Finally, once that page opens, scroll down to “EASTERN US” and there you will find all of posts for the five Florida birding listservs: BirdBrains(FL, FloridaBirds-L, Florida/Bahamas, Florida RBA and FloridaSW. Click on the desired listserv name to read the posts. Note: Posts/messages will not be current as there can be delays of up to 24-hours before they find their way to this website.”