Interesting “Stuff” From the Internet

This is an awesome video of an Eagle Owl flying towards a camera that recently appeared on the Internet. Eagle Owl
12/29/2009 Trip photos by Gail Campbell, CBC member.

Bird Rookery Swamp Pictures
12/29/2009 Amazing photo's of a Bald Eagle chasing a duck.Eagle Collision
This is a cool video about a vocal bird called "Einstein"

Ever wonder how the Lyre Bird got it's name.
Listen here.
10/09/09 Awesome photography of a Kingbird riding bareback on a Red-tailed Hawk. Submitted by Helen Rockstroh Click Here11/13/09 Follow the Whooping Crane Migration from Wisconsin to Florida. Submitted by Peter Ducharme

Visit Operation Migration Website here

The second is attached to a trike which is only up just when they start flying.
Live TV video

The last is a site I (Peter) read about in the field journal.
Quest launched to find "lost" birds
12/12/11 Video submitted by CBC member Gail Campbell. Taken at Pine Island Preserve, Pine Island, Florida (Lee County).

Pine Island Preserve Link