Links to Other Florida Birding Websites




As a service to our members, the following annotated links to other Florida birding sites is provided. If you can add others, please post a comment below. Thank you.

Bird Patrol — Bird Patrol is a group of volunteers that goes out monthly to Lee County parks and Conservation 2020 sites to count birds and make that data available to the properties managers to help them assess the health of the habitats involved.

Florida Ornithological Society (FOS) — the premier organization for the study of birds in the state.

Great Florida Birding Trail — The Great Florida Birding Trail (GFBT) is a collection of sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent bird watching or bird education opportunities.

Important Bird Areas of Florida — The Important Bird Areas program was created in the 1980s to identify, protect, and manage those areas most critical for bird conservation. Florida has quite a few IBAs and you can nominate others by going to this website and filling out a form.

Birds of Sanibel #1 — Homepage of someone named “Kami” who used to visit Sanibel and take bird photos. The music is very annoying!

Birds of Sanibel #2 — Photographic bird art by Peter Wallack

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls — Information about Cape Coral’s Official City Bird, the Burrowing Owl.