Caloosa Bird Club Members In the News

The following is a list of news articles that have featured members of Caloosa Bird Club


Rufus Humming Bird takes up residence in Lehigh Acres. Read article Look Out Humzilla is Here featuring Humzilla and CBC member Vince McGrath. October 27, 2012

Again our infamous member Vince McGrath has made the headlines!  Read the most recent article about Vince and the 2011 Christmas Bird Count. Read the  News Press article “ Birds of a Feather ” here.

Butterflies At Home in Rotary Park  CBC member Charlie Ewell was featured in this November 2011 news article about the Thomas Allen Butterfly house located at Rotary Park in Cape Coral.

Rare Wild Flamingos Spotted in SW Florida recently appeared in the News-Press and featured not only our current president Gayle Sheets, but also Vince McGrath.

107th Audubon Bird Count “Stand Up and Be a Counter” features CBC member Vince McGrath

107th Audubon Bird Count “Bird Watcher Flock for Christmas Bird Count” 12/19/2006 article features CBC members,  JoAnn Kelley, Jane Murt, John Sanderson and Geraldine Sanderson

” 106th Audubon Bird Count “Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count Begins”  12/21/05 article features CBC member Vince McGrath

” Birds Just Being Birds ” 06/22/06 article features CBC member Vince McGrath

Faux Owl Article  06/26/06 article features CBC member Beverly Saltonstall

Bird Patrol Maintains Vigilance with Counts  a 08/25/05 article featuring Bird Patrol and CBC member Sue Moore.

Catch the Bird Bug article in the March 2005 issue of the Naples Magazine,  “N” features CBC member Vince Lucas

Scarlet Ibis a Spectacular Stranger  /10/07 article featuring CBC member Vince McGrath

STA-5  01/11/07article about STA-5 featuring CBC member Vince Lucas

Birds Winter at Stormwater Treatment Area Near Clewiston 02/28/08 article about STA-5 featuring CBC member Vince Lucas.

Wild File: Lazuli Bunting   3/02/08 article featuring CBC members Leon and Lois White and Vince Lucas about the rare Lazuli Buntings that show up at the White’s feeders.