Trip Guidelines

Caloosa Bird Club Trip Guidelines

✴      If you signed up for any trip and find you cannot attend, inform a trip leader.

✴      Arrive at the meeting site in plenty of time to sign in and hear all information from the trip leaders.

✴      The use of sound recordings, ”playback,” is forbidden on field trips unless approved by a field trip leader.

✴      Keep Quiet. Minimize noise by turning off cell phone ringers and holding conversations in low tones. The quieter the group is as a whole, the more birds we will see. Don’t slam the car doors. When you see a bird, or even just a flutter or movement or flash of color, share your observations, offer clues as to the location based on surrounding trees, brush or other landmarks use the “clock system.” When the group is clustered together, stand still, particularly if you are up front. The people behind you are moving slowly to try to get a look around you. Try not to step in front of someone who is looking through binoculars. If you are standing in front and have seen a bird, move slowly out of the way to let others have a turn.

✴      When using a group scope focused on a bird, step up quickly; get your look, and then step away to let others have their turn. It may fly away at any moment. Don’t kick the tripod or move the scope when taking your turn.

✴      When walking along a road or trail, don’t go ahead of the leaders. You may flush the birds, causing them to fly away before anyone has a chance to see them. When standing, don’t get in front of the leaders.  Look where the leaders are looking and wait for their comments.

✴      Don’t wander around. Stay still and stay with the group. There will be plenty of time for socializing and catching up on the news at lunch.

✴      Photographers are welcome; however, fit in your photos without holding up or distracting the birding.

✴      Share rides: Carpooling on birding field trips is not only environmentally conscious, but it also ensures a smaller caravan of birders that will be less likely to disturb birds in each area. Sharing rides also gives you a unique opportunity to meet other birders and share favorite birding stories, identification tips, and local birding information.

✴      Members are given an adhesive Caloosa Bird Club sticker to place on the back of their cars.  A magnetic sticker is also available for purchase from our merchandising chairperson.  When driving in a caravan, these should be visible on every vehicle.

✴      Try to have a CB available in your car for sharing bird sightings and other communications. Use the CB to help manage the caravan safely.

✴      Drive behind the same vehicle for the entire trip. Stay together and be aware of the vehicle behind you and help avoid cars getting separated or lost. If you leave the caravan, inform the car in front of you and the car behind you, and always inform the leaders.

✴      If other cars on the road are trying to pass the caravan, try to provide openings and assist safe passing.

✴      If the leader of a caravan has given directions to a site, please follow the directions given by the leader rather than using the directions of a GPS.