2012-2013 Eagle Lakes – Sugden Park Trip Results Posted

Trip results from the 11/26/12 trip to Eagle Lakes and Sugden Park in Naples (Collier Co.) have been posted.

2012-2013 Eagle Lakes-Sugden Park

November 26, 2012
11 Members 3 Guests
Weather: sunny
62 Species
Black-bellied Whistling-DuckMourning Dove
Muscovy DuckBelted Kingfisher
Mottled DuckRed-bellied Woodpecker
Blue-winged TealYellow-bellied Sapsucker
Northern ShovelerNorthern Flicker
Green-winged TealPileated Woodpecker (heard)
Pied-billed GrebeEastern Phoebe
Wood StorkGreat Crested Flycatcher
Double-crested CormorantLoggerhead Shrike
AnhingaBlue Jay
Great Blue HeronAmerican Crow
Great EgretFish Crow
Little Blue HeronTree Swallow
Tricolored HeronHouse Wren
Green HeronBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
White IbisGray Catbird
Glossy IbisNorthern Mockingbird
Black VultureEuropean Starling
Turkey VultureBlack-and-white Warbler
OspreyYellow-throated Warbler
Bald EagleCommon Yellowthroat
Cooper's HawkPalm Warbler
Red-shouldered HawkYellow-rumped Warbler
Short-tailed HawkPrairie Warbler
American KestrelNorthern Cardinal
MerlinRed-winged Blackbird
Sora (heard)Common Grackle
KilldeerBoat-tailed Grackle
Spotted SandpiperBronzed Cowbird
Royal TernBrown-headed Cowbird
Eurasian Collared-DoveAmerican Goldfinch
Eagle Lakes 11-26-12

CBC at Eagle Lakes

The following is a note from Cynthia Krakowski about the trip.

The Eagle lakes trip was wonderful; I’m sorry you & so many other members missed it (although the small group was nice & intimate).  As you probably saw on our list, we were able to compare dark phase & light phase short-tail hawks.  We watched a merlin tearing into what we think was an unfortunate mocking bird!  The dark phase, short-tail went into a stoop and then when it spread it’s wings we could see a little prey of some sort in it’s talons. We had bronze cowbirds too and black-bellied whistling ducks.  Some of these birds were “lifers” for our members.  It was a very exciting & productive excursion and everyone had big smiles on their faces!! Of course our group is always jolly & full of fun!


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