Merlin Has Arrived

Merlin Bird ID

Something to Crow About!! Caw-Caw

A great new bird identifcation app that Birds In the Hand, developed in partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology — Merlin Bird ID.

Merlin is a fantastic free app that draws from over 70 million observations from the eBird citizen-science project. It provides a simple and clean way of narrowing down the hundreds of possible birds to just a few, and shows you the birds you are most likely to see for your location and time of year.

Merlin is a great way to get started with with birding, or to hone your bird identification skills. Be sure to let your friends and family who might be interested in an easy way to identify the birds around them know about Merlin.

Merlin includes over 1,400 stunning images taken by top photographers. Merlin also includes more than 800 audio recordings from the Macaulay Library, identification tips from experts, and range maps from the Birds of North America Online.

Thanks to Arthur for submitting this information.

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