Important Note from our President — Please Read

In support of the wonderful job done by our Trip Chair, Ken Hodgson and his team of Trip Leaders, I would like us to remind ourselves that:

  1. Leaders should be allowed to be in front of the group and we take our cue when and where to move forward from our Trip Leaders.
  2. We try to keep quiet – conversations in low tones, cell phones on silent and so on. Of course, the occasional shriek as we spot something exciting is just plain human nature!
  3. We try to stay together and not wander around.
  4. Car-pooling is encouraged, and on some trips, mandatory. We try not to slam those doors or drive ahead of the Trip Leader.
  5. When we leave the trip before the scheduled termination, we let the Trip Leader know.
  6. Use of bird calls on Cell Phones is always at the discretion of the Leader. We all love our phone apps but the Club Guidelines require us to ok with the Leader first before playing a bird song or call.

Please refer to the complete Trip Guidelines and Use of Sound Recording Policy provided to you when you became a member and also available on the web site.

If we want to leave no bird – or birder – behind then it is important to keep to these Guidelines!

Sheila Kleiman

Club President

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