A Note About the Bluebirds at Babcock Ranch

John Barber, CBC member who monitors the bluebirds at Babcock Ranch sent in this note about the birds.

I was out to Babcock-Webb today for the third time this season to check the bluebird boxes.  We have our best results yet–one nest fledged 4 young already, another nest has 4 feathered babies, and still another has 3 feathered babies and one egg left, and we have another nest with 4 eggs, out of a total of 25 boxes.  Pretty good, EH?  Georgia was with me the first trip, then Marijke and a friend from back home as well as Doreen were out the second time, and today I was alone—saw 3 cranes up close and one bluebird getting back to the nest.  It must have been feeding time.

John Barber

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