2015-2016 Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte Area Birding Results

December 21, 2015  The club covered a lot of ground on this trip and lots of birds were seen.  The highlight of the trip was a Snow Goose.  Way out in Charlotte Harbor, a tiny speck was seen.  Was it a gull? A goose?  It was sooooo far away.  Scopes went up and the long neck could barely be seen. Could it be a Snow Goose???  Suddenly it took off and Jim Ferris managed to get a shot of the bird.  It was at his maximum zoom but enough to ID the bird as a snow goose. Good job Jim and the spotter of this rare bird. I have included a few other wonderful photos that Jim took that day.

Snow Goose-004 copyHooded Mergansers-018 copyMottled Duck-001 copy Ring-necked Duck-001 copy


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