2015-2016 STA-5 Official Trip #2 Results Are Posted

Trip results from our second trip to STA-5 have been posted.  72 species were seen and the trip bird was the Western Kingbird.

2015-2016 STA-5 Official Trip #2

December 19, 2015
Members: 13
Guests: 1
Species: 72
Trip Bird: Western Kingbird
Fulvous Whistling-DuckSora
American WigeonPurple Swamphen
Mottled DuckCommon Gallinule
Blue-winged TealAmerican Coot
Northern ShovelerLimpkin
Green-winged TealSandhill Crane
Ring-necked DuckKilldeer
Ruddy DuckBlack-necked Stilt
Wild TurkeyGreater Yellowlegs
Pied-billed GrebeLesser Yellowlegs
Wood StorkLeast Sandpiper
Double-crested CormorantLong-billed Dowitcher
AnhingaCaspian Tern
American White PelicanForster's Tern
American BitternEurasian Collared-Dove
Great Blue HeronMourning Dove
Great EgretCommon Ground-Dove
Snowy EgretBelted Kingfisher
Little Blue HeronRed-bellied Woodpecker
Tricolored HeronEastern Phoebe
Cattle EgretTropical Kingbird
Green HeronWestern Kingbird
Black-crowned Night-HeronGray Kingbird
White IbisLoggerhead Shrike
Glossy IbisAmerican Crow
Roseate SpoonbillNorthern Rough-winged Swallow
Black VultureBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Turkey VultureNorthern Mockingbird
OspreyEuropean Starling
Snail KiteCommon Yellowthroat
Northern HarrierPalm Warbler
Sharp-shinned HawkSavannah Sparrow
Red-shouldered HawkNorthern Cardinal
Crested CaracaraRed-winged Blackbird
American KestrelCommon Grackle
Peregrine FalconBoat-tailed Grackle


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