2015-2016 STA-5 Trip # 5

March 19, 2016 The last official trip to STA-5 resulted in a total of 77 species with the Fulvous Whistling-Duck getting the vote for trip bird.

2015-2016 Rotary Park/Jaycee Park Cape Coral

March 14, 2016
Members: 30
Guests: 1
Species: 57
Trip Bird: Burrowing Owl

Mottled DuckRed-bellied Woodpecker
Common LoonNorthern Flicker
Pied-billed GrebeGreat Crested Flycatcher
Double-crested CormorantLoggerhead Shrike
AnhingaWhite-eyed Vireo
Brown PelicanBlue-headed Vireo
Great Blue HeronBlue Jay
Great EgretFish Crow
Tricolored HeronPurple Martin
Green HeronTree Swallow
White IbisHouse Wren
Black VultureBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Turkey VultureGray Catbird
OspreyNorthern Mockingbird
Bald EagleEuropean Starling
Red-shouldered HawkCedar Waxwing
American CootBlack-and-white Warbler
KilldeerYellow-Throated Warbler
Spotted SandpiperCommon Yellowthroat
Laughing GullPalm Warbler
Ring-billed GullPine Warbler
Royal TernYellow-rumped Warbler
Rock PigeonNorthern Cardinal
Eurasian Collared-DoveRed-winged Blackbird
Mourning DoveCommon Grackle
Common Ground-DoveBoat-tailed Grackle
Monk ParakeetAmerican Goldfinch
Black-billed CuckooHouse Sparrow
Burrowing Owl



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