2015-2016 Trip to Fort DeSoto is posted.

The April 4th, 2016 trip to Fort DeSoto was a great trip with many new species for the year sighted. 88 birds were recorded with the Yellow-billed Cuckoo as the trip bird.

2015-2016 Fort DeSoto

April 4, 2016
Members: 16
Guests: 2
Species: 88
Trip bird: Yellow Billed Cuckoo
Mottled DuckMourning Dove
Red-breasted MerganserCommon Ground-Dove
Common LoonNanday Parakeet
Wood StorkYellow-billed Cuckoo
Double-crested CormorantGreat Horned Owl
Brown PelicanRuby-throated Hummingbird
Great Blue HeronBelted Kingfisher
Great EgretRed-bellied Woodpecker
Snowy EgretPileated Woodpecker
Little Blue HeronEastern Kingbird
Tricolored HeronLoggerhead Shrike
Reddish EgretWhite-eyed Vireo
Cattle EgretYellow-throated Vireo
Green HeronBlue-headed Vireo
White IbisRed-eyed Vireo
Roseate SpoonbillBlue Jay
Black VultureFish Crow
Turkey VultureHouse Wren
OspreyBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Bald EagleRuby-crowned Kinglet
Red-shouldered HawkGray Catbird
Black-bellied PloverNorthern Mockingbird
Snowy PloverEuropean Starling
Wilson's PloverCedar Waxwing
Semipalmated PloverBlack-and-white Warbler
Piping PloverProthonotary Warbler
WilletYellow-Throated Warbler
Marbled GodwitCommon Yellowthroat
Ruddy TurnstoneHooded Warbler
SanderlingNorthern Parula
Western SandpiperPalm Warbler
Least SandpiperPine Warbler
DunlinYellow-rumped Warbler
Short-billed DowitcherPrairie Warbler
Laughing GullSummer Tanager
Ring-billed GullScarlet Tanager
Herring GullNorthern Cardinal
Lesser Black-backed GullIndigo Bunting
Caspian TernRed-winged Blackbird
Forster's TernCommon Grackle
Royal TernBoat-tailed Grackle
Sandwich TernBrown-headed Cowbird
Black SkimmerOrchard Oriole
Eurasian Collared-DoveHouse Sparrow


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